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Redark 1979 is a habitation prototype established beneath the Mythos ocean on Mars.

An interplanetary distress signal draws you to investigate. 

The site has been dark ever since. 

Discover. Rescue. Survive. Run!

StatusIn development
CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorDithered Output
TagsFirst-Person, Retro, Sci-fi, Zombies


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Siren-0.6a.pk3 376 MB

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Is there any chance we could see a version for QuestZDoom? I'd love to play this bad boy in VR.

Also, it'd be even better if the weapon sprites could be centered since QuestZDoom centers sprites to a controller, not a screen.

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I like your work very much. I played throu 2 levels and 3dr level
was very short and not in game's SF mood (more like Doom level). Are there 2 finished levels for now and if so, will there be more? :)

Hi, thanks for playing. It's likely that it just ran on into doom 2 maps as there's only 2 maps in the current version. 

There will be more maps! Map 03 isn't too far away now...

Great! I'm waiting :)

First impression are outstanding ... I love the weapon feedback and overall aesthetic. Black cloud kinda spoiled for me the vibe because i was taking my time to soak up the atmosphere then there's this big pressure to move move move! This will be a really good time once finished i think. Keep up the great work, i eagerly await the next update!

Also ... HUD doesnt show unless you change screen size to 11 ... weird bug. 

Thanks for playing. The next revision should hopefully improve initial experience with the smoke. (I'll fix the hud too).

Was liking it until I ran into this terry-trap black cloud. At least it didn't scream at me. 

It does remind me of this black cloud that possessed people in some underwater base from some show / movie in the 90s. Sure wish I could remember its name...

After reading the docs, I'm supposed to lure it somewhere to trap it. Well... when I encountered it I had no where to trap it, so I was apparently screwed.

Thanks for playing, there are ways to get it off your back and, in one section of the level, permanently trap it.

Improvements to the clarity of these methods as well as a fairer introduction to the smoke is in the works.

An excellent Doom mod. I liked the Doom 3 vibe present here. The challenge level is considerable, which requires a little care on the part of the player. Only the HUD that is missing from the screen, other than that, the rest is very good. Congratulations on your game.

yo, is there a place where i can report  bugs?

Hi, the discord server is probably the best way to keep track of them 



Hi, I installed the file trough ZDL and am playing trough GZDoom 4.7, it runs but the hud doesn't show up, even if I max out the scaling at 8 and enamble alternative hud, are there any options that i'm missing?


Hi, Pressing '+=' should bring it up. The binding you need is 'increase display size'.

(You should reset the scaling back to default if you can)


Solved, i had to rebind because I'm using an italian keyboard but it seems to work fine, thanks a lot

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Tried to restart, since the Hud wouldn't show up, now

 the game doesn't wanna launch. Any help?


Hi, How is it being launched? Dropping Siren.pk3 onto gzdoom.exe should do it.

The HUD needs maximising and will display with a press of '=+'. If that does nothing make sure increase HUD size has a binding within gzdoom settings.


https://www.zdoom.org/downloads One of these all I'd need? Asking to confirm.

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You'd need this, Gzdoom (4.7.1) and Doom2.wad


Thank you, wasn't clear seeing I am inexperienced at doom modding.